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Refund Policies From Buytiktoklikes.com

Buytiktoklikes.com delivers irrevocable products. We do not provide refunds or refunds once the order is complete and complete. As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this before placing an order on our website buytiktoklikes.com.

In exceptional cases, Buytiktoklikes.com will assign a refund – possibly in cash. Whether or not we issue a refund depends entirely on the situation and the problem with the product.

Reasons when we assign a refund:

  1. If products, including services, are delivered very slowly, then contact our help desk. If products have not been delivered, a declaration of no delivery must be made within 15 days. If a product is actually not received and this is reported within the reasonable time, Buytiktoklikes.com will issue a full refund. If the ‘not delivered’ declaration has not been received within 15 days of the date of purchase, Buytiktoklikes.com will assume that the product has been delivered in full and successfully.
  2. If products, including services, are not on our website as described, an explanation must be received from Buytiktoklikes.com within 15 days. This statement must clearly state what is different than expected and where the wrong picture is on the website. Experiences of false expectations of the customer, other than stated on the website will not be accepted as a reason.
  3. If products, including services have a decrease, Buytiktoklikes.com will fill in the lost number for free. Provided this is within a period of one month after purchase. If this period is longer, this guarantee cannot be given. In exceptional cases, there is still the possibility to still make an agreement.
  4. If products, including services, are used by external parties, this is entirely at your own risk. Buytiktoklikes.com is not liable for events resulting from this. Buytiktoklikes.com will not be able to give a refund either.

Our help desk will be happy to answer your questions.